Q. If you find me a job, will I have to pay a fee?

A. No, all our services are free of charge to candidates. In the event of PJP placing you in a new job, our client will pay us a pre-agreed fee for doing so.

Q. How confidential is your service?

A. Very. We know only too well what a small world it is out there. Your details are treated by us in complete confidence at all stages of the recruitment process. We have known most of our clients for a very long time, and have built up a unique relationship with all of them based on mutual trust.

Q. Why should I use PJP’s services?

A. Many reasons. First of all, the service to candidates is free, and is based on over 29 years experience in the market place. We offer sound career advice, including an unrivalled knowledge and choice of potential employers for the job seeker, CV writing and presentation assistance, salary and employment advice, and much more. We offer professional and unbiased advice throughout the recruitment process. And we do everything for you confidentially.

Q. Would you send my CV to any of your clients without discussing the job role and company with me first?

A. Absolutely not. At PJP we respect your privacy and will not send any of your details, nor approach a client, without discussing it with you first and obtaining your permission to do so.

Q. I’m keen to send my CV to PJP, but I’m concerned that it might get sent out to a large number of organisations – will this happen?

A. No. At PJP we firmly believe in targeting only a limited number of clients who are ‘right’ for you. With our extensive experience, gained over 29 years in the business, this ensures that your CV is only seen by clients who we know are right for you. And we talk to you first about those clients before making any approaches on your behalf.

Q. I work fulltime and it is often difficult for me to speak freely during office hours. Can I contact, or be contacted, by one of your Consultants out of normal office hours?

A. Definitely. All our Consultants can be called by arrangement at lunchtimes, evenings and weekends.

Q. I’m concerned that my CV does not look professional enough – can PJP help?

A. Yes, very much so. First impressions count a lot, and your CV needs to be properly presented to a prospective employer. A carefully written, professionally presented CV often goes a long way in helping to secure an interview. PJP have substantial experience in CV layout presentation, and can tailor the format of your CV to meet our clients’ expectations.

Q. Will I be informed about new vacancies PJP receive from their clients?

A. Yes, but only if you want to be. Once you have registered with us you will have the option to be advised immediately a new vacancy is posted onto our site which matches your pre-selected criteria. Job Alerts can come to you via email or SMS.

Q. Will I be given assistance during the recruitment process?

A. Yes, PJP will give you free professional advice throughout all stages of the recruitment process. For more information on this click the link above ‘RECRUITMENT PROCESS’.

Q. Will I be pressurised in to accepting a job offer?

A. Not at all. PJP will always have your best interests at heart. We firmly believe that it is not in the interests of the candidate, client or indeed ourselves to persuade or force a candidate into accepting a job offer that is not right for them.

Q. How do I know that PJP are a reputable Recruitment Agency?

A. You don’t, unless you have used our services before. However, we are full members of the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation), a professional body for the recruitment industry, and comply fully with their strict Code of Conduct. In addition, please read the genuine ‘Testimonials’ on our website. We have been established since 1986, and have built up an enviable reputation with candidates and clients for a long time. We are noted for the professionalism we adopt throughout the recruitment process. We work very hard to deliver a first class service to both candidates and our clients. A substantial number of candidates we work with each year come to us through recommendation or referral, or are individuals who have used our services in the past over many years.